Shipping costs
Shipments are delivered via DHL, DPD courier companies. These companies guarantee fast
and safe delivery of the goods to the customer usually the next business day after the day of shipment.


Shipments up to 30 kg:

Shipment paid - 18 PLN
Shipment - payment on delivery - PLN 23
Personal collection - PLN 0
Consignments over 30 kg or large (on a pallet) *

Shipment paid - 89 PLN
Delivery - payment on delivery - PLN 99
* reserves the right to set individual transport costs (costs will be agreed with the customer before the order is completed).

Due to the safety and short delivery time, we send plants only by courier (paid) from Monday to Wednesday. Due to the changing weather conditions from late autumn to early spring, plants are sent if the air temperature at night does not fall below 5 degrees Celsius.