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Crassula 'Ovata Horntree' Crassula Egg-shaped

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Crassula (Oval), Tree of Happiness, Crassula ovata Horntree

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Crassula, Crassula ovata (Oval), Tree of Happiness, Crassula ovata Horntree.

The natural place of occurrence of plants are hot, desert areas of Africa. There they grow as large shrubs or trees. Their fleshy leaves accumulate water for the rainless season. Plants have been popular in flats for a long time, especially the species called "Tree of happiness". It is a long-lived and undemanding plant. They can be grown in the form of bonsai, as well as used for various types of compositions. The Horntree variety has characteristically elongated, pin-shaped and funnel-shaped leaves.

Place of cultivation: Sunny.

Watering: In summer, the substrate is moderately moist, in winter watering sparingly.

Interesting fact: They have a positive effect on the human body by secreting biologically active substances. According to the feng - shui philosophy, crassula helps to achieve financial success.

To emphasize its beauty, each plant should be selected individually with a unique flower pot, pot or casing available in our store.

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