Fern, Nephrolepis the Lofty, Nephrolepis Exaltata

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Fern, Nephrolepis the Lofty, Nephrolepis Exaltata

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Fern, Nephrolepis the Lofty, Nephrolepis Exaltata.

This plant comes from the tropical zones of South America. Nephrolepis is a very popular fern that has been cultivated in apartments for years. Depending on the variety, it has vivid green leaves of various lengths, pinnate, curly, wavy or jagged. Fern is not a very demanding species, but it should be provided with quite a lot of moisture. Properly cared for, it grows for many years.

Place of cultivation: Nephrolepis likes diffused light, it also tolerates shady and semi-shaded places. It can be placed on the eastern or northern window sill, in the kitchen or in a bright bathroom (where the humidity is usually higher than in other rooms).

Watering: Abundantly and systematically all the time. We do not allow the substrate to dry out, also the plant should not stand in water. The water should be soft, standing. Nephrolepis responds very well to frequent sprinkling.

Each plant, to enhance its beauty, should be individually selected a unique pot, pot or casing available in our store.

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