Epipremnum ‘Marble Queen’ Scindapsus

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Epipremnum Marble Queen, Scindapsus Marble Queen

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Epipremnum Marble Queen, Scindapsus Marble Queen

Potted plants:

Epipremnum Marble Queen, Scindapsus Marble Queen.

It is a very popular plant due to its low requirements. Easily adapts to more difficult lighting conditions. It is decorated with heart-shaped, dark green leaves with a marbled pattern. As a houseplant, this creeper lives for many years.

Place of cultivation: Light to semi-shade.

Watering: Moderate, the substrate should be constantly slightly moist. Water more sparingly in winter. The plant does not tolerate stagnant water on the stand.

Fun fact: Has a positive effect on human health. It reduces the feeling of tension.

Each plant, to emphasize its beauty, should be individually selected unique pots, pots or casing available in our store.

Availability: online store - online sales, Świat Roślin stationary store Krakow ul. Zakopiańska 58

The photos are preview images, we send photos of a specific plant on request.

Our store is located in Poland. We do not send abroad. We ship only in Poland.

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