Ficus Elastica 'Abidjan'

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Ficus Elastica Abidjan 

Wed. 24 cm pot, height 90 cm

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Ficus Elastica Abidjan 

The Ficus plant is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. It looks like a small tree or shrub. The Ficus elastica Abidjan variety has wide, leathery leaves with a slightly deep red color.

Place of cultivation: Ficus elastica grows well in places with fairly strong, diffused light, but cannot stand direct sunlight.

Watering: Systematic but not too profusely. In winter, let the soil dry a little before the next watering.

Interesting fact: The substances secreted by ficuses are biologically active, they improve the microclimate, which has a positive effect on the human body. They give up, soothe irritation.

Each plant, to enhance its beauty, should be individually selected a unique pot, pot or casing available in our store.

Availability: online store - online sales, Świat Roślin stationary store Krakow ul. Zakopiańska 58

The photos show an example of a plant for sale, at the customer's request we send additional photos of a specific plant.

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