Chlorophytum Orchidastrum Green Orange

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Chlorophytum Orchidastrum Green Orange

Wed 12 cm pot, height 35 cm

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Chlorophytum Orchidastrum Green Orange

Chlorophytum originally comes from South Africa. It is a very popular houseplant with low requirements. The 'Green Orange' variety, however, is a rarer and much more interesting version of the herb. It has long, dark green, lanceolate leaves growing out of a rosette on orange petioles. Due to its origin, it likes bright positions, high air humidity and sprinkling, but it is not necessary for its proper growth. The herb is resistant to short-term drying of the substrate and worse light conditions. It also belongs to the group of air purifying plants.
Requirements: easy to grow

The position - from half-shaded to bright, should not be placed on southern window sills

Soil - universal soil for potted / green plants

Water - tolerates periodic dryness, but does not like them; should be watered once a week; in winter, allowing the soil to dry out more sparingly, in summer so that the soil is moist after watering but that the plant does not stand in the water; likes sprinkling

Each plant, to enhance its beauty, should be individually selected a unique pot, pot or casing available in our store.

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