Sansevieria Queen Marble

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Sansevieria Queen Marble
Wed 12 cm pot, height 35 cm

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Sansevieria Queen Marble
This plant comes from tropical regions of Africa, Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. Sanseveria belongs to the genus Dracaena. It was named after Raimondo di Sangro, Duke of San Sever in Italy. It is one of the most durable potted plants. It tolerates both intense sun and semi-shaded nooks and crannies. It lasts at least a month without watering, and the temperature can fluctuate even below 12 degrees Celsius. The 'Golden Flame' variety is characterized by the emergence of leaves in the form of a rosette, the oldest of which are dark green in color and become more and more yellow going towards the center.

Requirements: easy to grow

The position - from half-shaded to bright, should not be placed on the sills of southern windows

Soil - loose soil, more mineral than peat; e.g. for cacti and succulents

Water - watering sparse and meager; even once every two / three weeks in winter, once a week in summer; does not require sprinkling or high air humidity

Each plant, to enhance its beauty, should be individually selected a unique pot, pot or casing available in our store.

Availability: online store - online sales, Świat Roślin stationary store Krakow, ul. Zakopiańska 58

The photos show an example of a plant for sale, at the customer's request, we send additional photos of a specific plant.

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