Alocasia Silver Dragon

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Alocasia Silver Dragon
Wed 5.5 cm pot, height 10 cm

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Alocasia Silver Dragon

It belongs to the picture family of about 79 species. Its natural habitat is the tropical rainforests of Asia. Under favorable conditions, that is, in a warm and humid environment, it rarely goes into a state of rest. In less favorable conditions, in winter, it sheds its leaves and waits in the tuber until spring. It should be watered gently during this time and kept in a bright place. At home, it is unlikely to bloom, but it is also not decorative with flowers. Alocases can be small, up to 70 cm, or as large as 10 m. The underside of its leaves should be inspected regularly, because pests like it especially. However, he compensates for the difficulties in cultivation with an electrifying appearance.

Requirements: difficult to grow

The position - very bright, no drafts

Soil - permeable, light, but retaining moisture; indicated admixture of coconut chips

Water - likes high humidity but should not be sprinkled; it should be watered once a week when the top layer of the soil is dry, do not allow the root ball to dry out completely

Each plant, to enhance its beauty, should be individually selected a unique pot, pot or casing available in our store.

Availability: online store - online sales, Świat Roślin stationary store Krakow ul. Zakopiańska 58

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